Are your employees engaged? Are they safe? Are they healthy? What unique challenges are each of them facing? How many of your employees are stressed or struggling with other mental health challenges? How can you best meet the needs of the business and the needs and expectations of all employees?

If these are some of the questions that are top of mind in your business, you are not alone. In a recent study by NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, 25% of US workers stated that they have considered quitting their jobs in 2020 and 20% have taken some type of leave. About 7 out of 10 noted increased stress related to juggling personal and professional priorities. Notably, women, black, and Hispanic workers cite higher levels of stress than white men.

The good news is that 81% of workers also report that their employer is either doing the right amount or going above and beyond. One such employer is Kendell Doors & Hardware, Inc out of Mendota Heights, MN. Sara Warnke is the Director of Administration and Human Resources, and she recently shared her employee engagement experiences with Kraus-Anderson Insurance during a recent discussion for Ilume, our podcast showcasing bright minds on risk.

At Kendell, leaders immediately recognized the need to augment several facets of the company culture. Sara has strong support from leadership regarding many tactics that have proven critical to maintaining a high level of employee engagement. Leaders have stepped up internal communication. Process and technology improvements, which were initially slowed, have become catalysts for employee involvement. Difficult discussions around inclusion, diversity, and mental health are not put on the back burner. Employee feedback is solicited and acted upon.

Look for the release of our full interview right after Thanksgiving where Sara shares additional perspective on employee engagement and COVID fatigue as well as some great ideas for small and mid-sized businesses to address these tough questions and challenges.

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