The moment an injury occurs, it initiates a sequence of events that can last for weeks or even months. But no matter how prolonged the recovery period, the first 24 hours after an injury are the most crucial. To respond effectively to an incident, the majority of the action items should occur within 24 hours.

Your supervisors may already be experienced in handling injuries. Still, a clearly defined 24-hour injury response plan will help them provide even more effective and consistent responses, and ensure that supervisors and employees know what to expect when someone is injured. The plan will also provide the necessary guidance when experienced supervisors are not immediately available to respond to an accident or injury.

The First 24 Hours after an Injury are Critical 

Injured employees may feel worried about keeping their jobs, worried about their health and frustrated or confused by company policies. A rapid response plan turns a potentially negative event into a more manageable scenario for you and the employee by addressing their concerns up front, helping them get the care they need and lowering claims costs.

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