What’s your new office or facility normal?  Businesses are not going back to anything.  Businesses are going forward to a new way of working which includes a new use of space.  The role of the architect in physical space planning had started to evolve prior to 2020 but is now seeing a rapid transformation.  Architects are certainly responsible for designs and specifications, but often, the architect is now the chief asker of the ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions.  Why do you need this space?  Why do you believe your employees will embrace this environment?  How does this design highlight your brand?  How can your strategy come to life in your space?  Jon Buggy, a partner and director at RSP Architects, is one of the leading voices in architectural strategic thinking.  Please join us this month on ilume and hear directly from Jon about the changing role of the architect and his vision for the positive impact that architecture can have on a business beyond designs and specs.