Many of us have become self-educated epidemiologists in the past several months; using words and reviewing studies that we never would have considered less than a year ago.  The good news is that the trained scientists have made many incredible strides in a short amount of time to help end the COVID-19 pandemic through modern medical advancements.  At the same time the questions around the vaccine, the distribution, and the role of employers have become increasingly detailed and complex.  HealthPartners is on the forefront of many of these discussions and answers, and we are thrilled to have two experts in the field join us for a fascinating discussion on this month’s ilume podcast.  We are joined by Dr. Kevin Ronneberg, Vice President and Associate Medical Director of Health Initiatives, and Daniel Rehrauer, Senior Manager, Medication Therapy Management Program and Quality, who will share their expert perspectives on many of the questions that you have and some that you have not thought of yet.   

Are the vaccines all safe?  Is the effectiveness similar across all types?  How do they work?  What is messenger RNA anyway?  These are some of the basic questions that are fundamental to understanding the path to a more normal life.  Once our guests cover the basic science, our discussion shifts to the implementation of the vaccine.  Perhaps the most interesting question is one of equitable distribution.  What typical healthcare barriers and risks exist, including language, transportation, and internet access thatcould hinder the vaccine rollout?  What factors are most critical to continuing to increase the speed of implementation?  How concerned should we be about these variants and when will we need boosters?  How long will we be wearing masks?

Employers have a unique role in helpingemployees navigate these complex questions.  Beyond the risks associated with the workplace and bringing employees back, employers can also play a role in education and awareness.  Sharing facts and encouragement can help shape the safety of the workforce and reduce the risk in the workplace. 

Join us on ilume to gain important perspectives across many of these complex issues.