The new OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard was released on November 4, 2021. This is at least the third major set of requirements; joining the federal contractor requirements and the specific OSHA requirements impacting the healthcare industry. The new ETS includes three important dates. Compliance with the rule for impacted businesses (except testing component for unvaccinated employees) is December 5, 2021. Compliance with the testing requirement is January 4, 2022. The temporary standard will be in force until at least May 5, 2022.

OSHA has provided a great deal of detailed information including this ETS summary.  They have also provided a comprehensive Q&A  that should answer many of your questions including the scope, employer policies, documentation, and communication topics. 

Regardless of the risk, the best practice is always to be prepared for uncertainties and with that in mind, planning is always important. Even as the expected legal challenges move forward, the implementation dates are rapidly approaching. Our ComptrolZero OSHA experts are leading our effort in collaboration with our Human Resource consultants and are ready to help answer your questions.