Critical risk challenges ebb and flow and increase in complexity.  At one time, risk management meant employee safety, flood, and fire concerns.  Then it expanded to driver and over the road risks. Then contractual and third-party liability took the front seat.  In recent years, our discussions have also included cyber and technology risks.  Today, no risk management conversation is complete without a discussion of the risks, impacts, and mitigation factors related to supply chain management.

Like every other risk, the analysis starts by understanding the issues and then moves to evaluating the management decisions, and implementation of risk management practices.  The absence of these steps will lead to increased impact on profits and productivity.

We are thrilled to have Mark Meier from C.H Robinson join us for this episode of ilume. Mark is the Global Customer Operations Leader and works everyday with customers around the world to create proactive solutions to supply chain challenges and risks.  Mark shared his insights on the current state of the supply chain across the globe, the current and future impact on business operations, and some practical solutions for businesses of any size.