Many claims against Design Professionals are initiated by clients whose expectations are not met.

These claims can occur when the scope of services provided by the Design Professional is not discussed upfront with the client and is not clearly and concisely documented via the contract. Having a detailed scope of services within a contract can help alleviate these claims and mitigate claims when they do occur.

A detailed scope of services is a critical component of any contract. Whether it be a lengthy, detailed contract or a simple one-page agreement, the scope of services should always be included. In the following video Laurie Randolph, Esq. addresses the importance of providing a detailed scope of services.

When working with our clients, the A/E Practice Group at Kraus-Anderson Insurance strongly recommends that all employees involved with the project be aware of the scope of service agreed too via contract. This prevents scope creep which can increase a firm’s risk and reduces the potential of unpaid fees for services not contractually agree too.

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Johnna Wangensteen | A&E Account Executive