As Kelly Brenna shared in her article this month, ‘Telemedicine – A Healthcare Revolution,’ virtual healthcare has significantly evolved over the past several years and has emerged from the pandemic as a core component of our healthcare system.  Employers can capitalize on these changes to improve the health of their employees and improve the efficiency and cost of delivering healthcare.  These opportunities exist as part of employee benefit programs, wellness programs, and workers compensation programs.  In addition, virtual healthcare is playing a big role in addressing the challenges of healthcare equity.  On ilume this month, we caught up with Mike King and Corey Cushing from Teledoc, a leading provider of virtual health solutions.  Corey is a broker consultant and Mike leads the strategic partnership group for the company.  We are excited to share our conversation, including an overview of the current state of virtual healthcare, along with opportunities in such areas as triage, mental health, second opinions, and virtual primary care.