Consistently outpacing our competitors requires that we provide clients with a highly skilled and passionate commercial insurance team dedicated to performance at the highest levels.

Through this conviction, combined with successful relationships with the industry’s premier commercial insurance providers, Kraus-Anderson Insurance is a steadfast and committed partner for our clients.

Dedicated to going beyond placing coverage at competitive premiums, we strive to gain a deeper understanding of how a business strikes an optimal balance between the costs to transfer, mitigate, retain and finance the risk they face on a daily basis.

We refer to this approach as understanding the total cost of risk, and every year more and more businesses learn just what a difference it can make for them.

Exposure Identification

Designing an effective coverage program first requires a detailed understanding of an organization’s unique set of risks.  Exclusions and endorsements, along with vague and often complex policy language, can obscure the true state of a commercial insurance program and can have adverse consequences at the time of a loss. An objective coverage analysis serves as the foundation for a risk identification procedure designed to expose these areas of improvement and promote an open dialogue with our clients.

Program Design & Carrier Selection

Commercial insurance carriers differ greatly in terms of risk appetite and their ability to meet a client’s operational demands.  Through a highly targeted marketing strategy, we are able to select competitive carriers for a given risk and then work closely with them to develop a customized and sophisticated coverage program designed to respond effectively to a client’s unique set of risks and insurance requirements.

Policy Administration & Support Team

Talented and highly skilled service professionals drive the daily performance that sets us apart.  Commercial insurance is neither static nor commoditized. To be administered properly, it must respond to a client’s fluid and constantly evolving operational landscape and external insurance demands. With a passionate dedication to professional development, we establish each client’s support team to ensure everyone’s role contributes to efficient service execution and a superior agency experience.

Claims Management & Monitoring

Acting as an advocate affords us a great opportunity to demonstrate the value our experienced claims management team brings to our clients. Only by providing a dedicated claims support team can we be sure that losses are administered and paid according to our clients’ best interests. Our objective is to achieve optimal claim outcomes whenever possible through an unwavering adherence to high standards of communication and accountability.