The market demand for better control over Workers’ Compensation insurance costs was our motivation in the development of COMPTROL®.

While other brokers may say they do everything possible to control this mandated expense, most are limited in the scope of their services and the depth of their expertise. COMPTROL is a comprehensive, effective, and cost-efficient way to lower Workers’ Compensation insurance costs by controlling the experience modification rating.

Our focused, innovative approach provides clients with measurable benefits that reach beyond additional profits to improve employee production and increase competitiveness.

In order to achieve the results necessary to extract real value from your Workers’ Compensation insurance program, you need to know the facts.

Through the COMPTROL online portal, you are in constant communication with our consultants. First reports of injury, OSHA 300 logs, experience mod projections/benchmarking, and policy administration are brought online to effectively manage the exchange of vital information.

Experience Modification Factor Verification

The Workers’ Compensation insurance system depends on the exchange of accurate information, and oftentimes, human error and lack of oversight can jeopardize the validity of your experience mod. When you invest in COMPTROL, our consultants analyze your loss data and aggressively pursue any opportunity to return premium you paid unnecessarily. We’ve returned hundreds of thousands of dollars to clients, and are always looking for more.

Retroactive claims management

Difficult claims often take time to reach a final conclusion. Changes in agency and carrier representation can complicate matters of incentives and responsibility, making a successful settlement even more challenging.  COMPTROL Claims Managers make no distinction between those claims that occur on their watch and those that occur under someone else’s watch. If a claim is unresolved, it is our responsibility to get it taken care of properly.

Immediate claim intervention

Workers’ Compensation claims require careful attention in order to be closed quickly and effectively. Claims Managers at COMPTROL employ a variety of tools to ensure that injured employees receive the benefits to which they are entitled and are able to return to work as quickly as possible. We evaluate and manage each claim according to its individual circumstances to achieve the very best result for the employer.