Water Risks: Too Much, Too Little, Too Wet, Too Dry

71% of the earth is covered in it.  All of us need to drink it and most businesses rely on it.  We can live in hot environments and cold environments, but we can’t live without water, and we can’t live under the water.  Water has also been one of the leading causes of loss for the insurance industry and one of the leading risk impacts on business profitability and sustainability.  It is a vital resource, with risks that we can’t afford to take for granted.  Flood, droughts, hail, rain, snow, and everyday leaks are more unpredictable, more severe, and impacting more people and more geographies every day.  Divirod helps to map, manage, and predict water risks while protecting properties and saving lives.  Javier Marti, the CEO and founder joins us this month to discuss the impact of water risks and ways to assess and prepare for various impacts.