The insurance industry has been on the forefront of climate impacts as the frequency of storms and fires continues to increase.  Those impacts are felt throughout the entire business ecosystem.  The transition to a more resilient economy has already begun in many areas, but the legislation that has recently passed, is intended to accelerate the goal of a 40% reduction in emissions by 2030.  Through direct investments and tax incentives, the law will impact strategic plans for architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, agriculture, commercial real estate, municipalities, and schools.  Lindene Patton is an attorney at The Earth and Water Group in Washington DC.  She is a recognized thought leader in climate attribution liability, financial risk management, and resilience assessment.  She has served as an advisory board member for many organizations including US Department of Commerce National Climate Assessment and the US EPA Environmental Financial Advisory Board.  We are thrilled to have Lindene share her insights into this transition to a more resilient climate economy and walk us through all the impacts of the new investments on the business community.