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Cyber Risk

Viewing Data As An Asset Worth Protecting.

Leading Carriers

The market for cyber insurance is responding to this paradigm shift in risk management by developing comprehensive, competitive, and effective solutions built with modern businesses in mind.

Broad Coverage

Traditional insurance policies are designed to respond to an identifiable set of risks that give rise to quantifiable losses. Cyber liability and data protection challenge us to think about this particular set of risks differently.

Competitive Pricing

Through direct relationships with market-leading cyber risk insurers, we are ideally positioned to bring to our clients unique value in terms of scope of coverage and competitive pricing.

Explore the elements of a Cyber Resilience Program

Privacy & Cyber Liability

Defense, third-party privacy breach notification, regulatory actions, investigations, and costs resulting from third-party claims due to a virus or hacking attack are captured in a broad and responsive cyber and privacy liability coverage program.

System Interuption & Damage

By transferring the financial risk of downtime from repairing, restoring, and/or replacing your computer systems, we allow for a more thorough and effective process of getting back to business.

Crisis Management

With the objective to mitigate and avert further damage to an organization’s brand in a crisis, effective cyber liability and data protection coverage include the cost incurred for engaging the consultants that are best able to accomplish the task.

Cyber Crime

Effective cyber crime coverage can provide a critical safety net for a breach that penetrates network security measures resulting in identity theft, unauthorized electronic funds transfer, cyber extortion or virus.