Minnesota appears to be heading toward legalization of recreational marijuana within the next few weeks.  Legal or not, the changing landscape has already impacted and will continue to impact employer drug testing programs.  Legalization does not change the fact that employers still very much have the ability to require a drug free workplace, however, the tools and techniques to ensure compliance are changing and getting more complex.  There may be differences between pre-employment and post-employment testing.  There will be differences between various employee types including safety sensitive jobs and individuals that are subject to federal Department of Transportation regulations.  There will continue to be differences between state regulations.  Traditional drug testing will still play an important role, and will be augmented by improved impairment recognition training, advancements in testing techniques, extreme clarity in company policy, and very consistent policy implementation.  Many employers have already adjusted to the changing landscape in order to continue to maintain a drug free workplace.  Judy Praska, owner of Fastest Labs of Bloomington joins us this month to add some perspective to this very challenging and complex issue.